What is it about babies?

Posted by Bristol Posatko

What is it about babies?

One day you look through your Facebook feed and promise that you’ll never post pictures of your kid. Ever.

One year later and you can’t think of any reason why anyone would not want to see his cute face. Everyday. Because of course, they grow so fast. Just one more today. And have you seen how he can bang on things with his hands? Just like a real drummer. We need music classes. Okay, one more photo… and a video. Just in case he becomes a famous drummer some day. You never know.

And that’s what it is about babies – you never know.

You never know until you have one.

You never know how much your life will change. How the whole world gets much smaller, yet infinitely larger. Your daily life becomes focused on such small events and routines and milestones. Yet each of those reminds you how quickly it all changes.

One day this baby won’t be so small, the world will be full of opportunity, and you’ll be that parent you said you’d never be.

You’ve quit your job to stay home.

Or you’ve taken a job just for the money.

You’ve waited in line all night to get him into preschool with his friends.

Or you’ve waited up all night over his crib just to make sure he’s breathing.

Because what matters is your child, not you.

You look nothing like your former self, that ship of selfishness, coasting without a crew. Now you’re full speed ahead and there’s no changing course. Your family is the anchor you carry closest to you, through good and bad weather – through the roughest waters, knowing you can depend on the unwavering love of a child. Of this family. And you’re so proud and happy because you’re making the world a better place for at least one person, and hopefully that will ripple out and change the world for the better.

And you never knew this was you all along.

That’s the thing about babies, they show you that you are capable of so much more. They show you how to start over again with a better version of yourself. They show you that there is more love than you ever knew existed.

And you never know until you become a parent.

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