About Us

Folks&Kin began when two new moms, Ashlee and Bristol, found a common need for camaraderie and support with other new parents who had similar interests. What started as a midnight email chain among moms in our September/October 2014 birth class, where we would send each other questions and support during middle of the night feeds, has become so much more. We hope you also find support and community through our blog and events, as we strive to make this a community of love, learning and fun. Welcome!


ASHLEE & bristol

Ashlee grew up surrounded by kids, but never imagined having her own before 30 until she met her husband. This transition into parenthood has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of her life. She has learned that the best way to navigate this adventure is to do it with the support, love and laughter of friends. She comes to Folks&Kin by way of Oregon, with a background in Finance and Apparel. She recently left the former industry, trading in her paycheck for baby time. So far she is thriving on making memories and friends (and sticking to a budget).

Bristol came into the world of motherhood after a lifetime of working with kids, but never planning to have one of her own. However, after 20 years of summer camps and classrooms, tutoring and coaching, investing in thousands of other people’s kids, (and after meeting her life partner John), she decided it was time to invest in one of her own! She brings to Folks&Kin a master’s in education, experience working with students spanning early childhood through adult, and a passion for helping people have fun.