What is it about babies?

Posted by Bristol Posatko

What is it about babies?

One day you look through your Facebook feed and promise that you’ll never post pictures of your kid. Ever.

One year later and you can’t think of any reason why anyone would not want to see his cute face. Everyday. Because of course, they grow so fast. Just one more today. And have you seen how he can bang on things with his hands? Just like a real drummer. We need music classes. Okay, one more photo… and a video. Just in case he becomes a famous drummer some day. You never know.

And that’s what it is about babies – you never know.

You never know until you have one.

You never know how much your life will change. How the whole world gets much smaller, yet infinitely larger. Your daily life becomes focused on such small events and routines and milestones. Yet each of those reminds you how quickly it all changes.

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Baby-Led Healing

By Bristol Posatko

March 5, 2015

23 weeks, 5 days since my cesarean section.

5 weeks back at work.

Hundreds of miles walked.

And finally, I feel like I can pull out the yoga mat and do a workout in my living room, next to my baby. For the first time, he’s content laying on the blanket, playing with his toys, not needing me for a little bit. (Or at least I can distract him for a couple minutes with his reactions to my silly faces.)

He’s ready. I’m ready. I take off my work pants, throw on the spandex, change into a cute stretchy bra. Nothing else. This has got to be cute. I look at my body in the mirror. Nope… Continue reading